Downtown Visioning Committee

Downtown Visioning Committee

Downtown Revitalization

For the Waupaca community, Main Street, and the numerous side streets that are connected to it, form the heart of it. Along these streets visitors will find dozens of locally owned shops and restaurants, each providing its own unique contribution to the character of Waupaca. Main Street is filled with historic buildings, convenient access to the river, pedestrian walkways, and public amenities, including the Waupaca Area Public Library. Having a distinct and well defined Main Street area has allowed the City to separate itself, making it the cultural hub of the greater area.

In 2014 the City of Waupaca began in earnest to address downtown revitalization. Because of the importance Main Street has in the community and the role the City strives to have it continue to play in the coming years and decades a downtown visioning committee was formed in January 2014. It is the City’s goal that this committee will be able to further improve our downtown by providing information for a Main Street reconstruction. Main Street suffers from aged infrastructure, handicap ramps in poor condition, and poor drainage. What is downtown’s function within the larger community? How should landscaping, building façades, landscaping, and sidewalk widths be done? What matters most to downtown residents? To visitors and commuters? It is these types of questions that the Downtown Visioning Committee will answer as it continues to gain insight from the community. And as supporters  of downtown’s 134 businesses no one has more of a vested interest than residents of the community.

Downtown Visioning Committee

Seeking to encompass a wide variety of views, Mayor Brian Smith appointed 14 members to the Downtown Visioning Committee. The Downtown Visioning Committee is responsible for developing a vision for downtown Waupaca. Specifically, this entails being visionary and transparent as the Committee is responsible for documenting the process(es) that will be used to create a physical concept plan for the downtown area. These 14 individuals include staff from the City of Waupaca, business owners, and key institutional players in the area, with Brennan Kane acting as the main point of contact.

Eric Olson, Chairman, East Central Wisconsin Planning Commission

Teri Schultz, Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce

Pat Fletcher, Fletcher Jewelry

Anita Olson, Embellishments

Jeff Spindler, First State Bank

Kent Pegorsch, Main Street Marketplace

Alyce Lees, The Paint Store Inc.

LaDonna Sonntag, Shambeau & Thern Real Estate

John Kneer, City of Waupaca Plan Commission

Claudia Krumsee, Studio 212

Peg Burington, Waupaca Area Public Library

Scott Christie, The Christie House

Alan Kjelland, City of Waupaca Common Council

Deb Fischer, Panache