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Tomorrow's Downtown Waupaca

Week Seventeen Update

Week Seventeen Update (October 8 – 12): As of today, October 12th, the parking lot is striped and open to the public for use! Crews started installing the brick pavers and will be complete next week, weather pending. Looking Ahead: Streetlights and pavers are the final major steps, along with a few minor cleanup items.…
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Week Sixteen Update

Week Sixteen Update (October 1 – 5): Crews finished paving the entire project last Saturday. The City Street crew installed stop signs and street signs. Opening the road has been delayed again due to weather conditions, although the stripers are scheduled for tomorrow (10/6) if the weather cooperates. Looking Ahead: All roads involved in the…
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Week Fourteen Update

Concrete sidewalk crew returned and completed all sidewalks remaining on Union Street, Fulton Street, and in the parking lot.  Topsoil restoration and mulch placement is nearly complete. We were fortunate to receive such favorable weather for Phase 1 we were able to get ahead of schedule.  The weather in last few weeks has made it…
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Parking Lot/Street Closure

The asphalt crew is planning to pave Thursday and Friday (September 27th and September 28th).  Pavement marking crew will be available the following week Monday Tuesday (October 1st and October 2nd).  The entire project, including E Fulton, Jefferson, E Union, and the parking lot will be closed to traffic for these two days.  Pedestrian traffic is…
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Week Thirteen Update

Week Thirteen Update (September 10 – September 14): R&R Wash crew graded behind the curb and gutter in preparation for sidewalks.  Bauer Electric was back onsite installing the last of the new light pole bases.  The concrete sidewalk crew did start on Thursday and will continue through early/mid next week. Looking Ahead: Sidewalks will be completed…
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Week Twelve Update

Week Twelve Update (September 4 – September 7): The saturated roadbed on Union Street required additional grading work to prepare for new curb and gutter.  A string line was set for the curb and gutter machine to follow and concrete was poured today, Friday (9/7).  Curb and gutter has now been completed on Union Street,…
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Week Eleven Update

Week Eleven Update (August 27 – August 31): This week minimal site work was completed due to the scheduling of other projects worked on by concrete crews. Looking Ahead: Next week concrete curb and gutter is scheduled to be poured for the remaining portion of Phase 1 and all of Phase 2. Afterwards R&R Wash…
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Week Ten Update

Week Ten Update (August 20 – August 24): All existing pavement and concrete sidewalk was removed from Union Street and Jefferson Street within the project limits.  Gravel is present for pedestrian access, but please be careful.  All new eight inch water main has been replaced for the entire project.  All new storm sewer has been…
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Week Nine Update

Week Nine Update (August 13 – August 17): The new 8-inch water main has all been installed and is currently waiting on water samples to pass safe water standards. Storm sewer work has started on Union Street and is anticipated to be finished next week. Looking Ahead: After receiving safe water sample test results the…
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Week Eight Update

Week Eight Update (August 6 – August 10): East Fulton, Jefferson and the parking lot are all open for public access via Main Street. Temporary striping was placed on the new roadways for parking convenience. Union Street from Main to Jefferson is now completely shut down. Existing pavement in this section and extending down Union…
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