The city has received more funding requests for the home repair program than there are funds available to assist homeowners. Therefore, as of June 2nd 2022 we have decided to SUSPEND the program until further notice. While we are no longer taking applications at this time, we do anticipate additional funding becoming available to support the program in 2023.

Waupaca residents are invited to apply to the City’s new Home Repair Grant Program.  The Home Repair Grant Program is an opportunity for City of Waupaca homeowners to receive up to a $10,000 nonrepayable grant for home repairs that extend the life of the home. Homeowners below the threshold of 80% of County Median Household Income ($59,450 for a family of four) are eligible for 100 percent grant funding with no match requirement. Homeowners making over the threshold are eligible for 100 percent grant funding with a 50 percent grant match. Yearly grant expenditures may be capped and program funds may be required to roll into future years. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.  The overall goal of the program is to enhance the desirability of Waupaca’s neighborhoods by reinvesting in the City’s older housing stock. 

With funding available through federal economic recovery dollars (ARPA), the City created the Waupaca Home Repair Program to improve neighborhood quality of life, stabilize older housing stock, and support the economic recovery of families and households negatively impacted by COVID-19.  The program is designed similar to the highly successful downtown incentive program, which has provided $862,000 to downtown businesses resulting in close to $2M in total investment over the past year. The Home Repair Program will provide $600,000 to assist homeowners with needed repairs they were unable to finance or perform due to COVID-related impacts. The City anticipates between $1.5M and $2M in new reinvestment as a result of this program, which will strengthen the City’s older neighborhoods. 

Grant applications are accepted anytime. To be considered for approval at the City’s CDA monthly Committee meeting (held 3rd Monday of the month); applications are due by the 1st Monday of the Month. Please confirm times/dates with the program contact below.


  • Applicant: City of Waupaca residents who reside in owner-occupied single-family homes built in 1970 or prior. Applicants must self-certify that they meet this requirement.
  • Number of Awards: Applicants are eligible to receive up to one grant award (Subject to funding availability)
  • Project Location: Within the limits of the City of Waupaca
  • Eligible Projects: (home or detached garages; but not other accessory structures). Projects not listed below which extend the life of the home may be considered for funding on an individual basis.
    • Grading to address stormwater runoff issues
    • Painting
    • Foundation repair
    • Front porch and stairs
    • Gutters
    • Garage doors
    • Driveways (asphalt or concrete)
    • Fence repair
    • Roof
    • Windows
    • Siding
  • Other eligible projects: Projects not listed above that extend the life of the home may be considered for funding on an individual basis.
  • Ineligible Projects: Projects which do not directly improve the longevity of the home; equipment expenses not related to eligible project type; tax-exempt properties; properties with outstanding taxes or fees owed to the City. The owner must self-certify they do not owe City any outstanding taxes or fees.

***If you are above the 80% of Household Income (HH) threshold you DO NOT need to provide proof of HH income as part of your application.

Additional Resources

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Contact & Apply

For more information please review the Waupaca Home Repair Guidelines and FAQ and application materials linked above. If you have additional questions please contact:

Andrew Dane
Economic Development Specialist
111 S. Main Street
920.585.3593 (Cell)

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