The City of Waupaca is the county seat of Waupaca County.  Waupaca has a city manager/mayor/city council form of government. Ten aldermen, two from each district, represent the city’s five voting districts. 

City Council

The Waupaca City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6pm.  Meetings take place in the Council Chambers in the lower level of Waupaca City Hall.

The Council consists of a Mayor and ten Alderpersons, two from each of the five Aldermanic Districts.  Each Alderperson represents the interest of his or her District and the city as a whole.

At the Organizational Meeting on the third Tuesday in April, the Alderpersons elect a Council President who acts in the absence of the Mayor.

The Council . . .
1. Adopts and amends the city ordinances.
2. Determines city policies and standards.
3. Determines how much money shall be spent and for what purpose.
4. Determines what city taxes shall be levied.
5. Approves contracts and agreements.
6. Represents the city.

Mayor and City Council

Chesnut, Lori Alderperson (Wards 4 & 6) 608.770.1401
Dykstra, Collin Alderperson (Wards 5 & 10) 715.258.3002
Hagen, Paul Alderperson (Wards 2, 7, 11 and 12) 715.258.3840
Martin, Dmitri Alderperson (Wards 4 & 6) 715.258.8678
Mayou, Paul Alderperson (Wards 3 & 9)/Council President 715.281.3913
Nagel, Cory Alderperson (Wards 1 & 8) 715.347.1330
Olson, Eric Alderperson (Wards 2, 7, 11 and 12) 715.412.1598
Peterson, Dave Alderperson (Wards 1 & 8) 715.258.7079
Purchatzke, Scott Alderperson (Wards 3 & 9) 715.281.0559
Smith, Brian Mayor 920.572.0003
Veleker, Henry Alderperson (Wards 5 & 10) 715.602.2601

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