Welcome to ACTIVE Net!

Over the past 18 months Parks and Recreation Staff have been exploring options for purchasing an online Parks and Recreation Software system. In July of 2015 we were introduced to a system called ACTIVE Net and in September of 2015 our department obtained approval for its purchase. Throughout our search we came across a number of other systems that were either too expensive or didn’t meet the needs of our department. ACTIVE Net is a system that will meet our needs in regards to activity registrations, league scheduling, facility reservations, membership functions, and reporting while also being packaged as a much more affordable option then other systems.

ACTIVE Net has been in the Parks and Recreation Industry for 39 years and has over 47,000 customers processing 87 million transactions per year. There are currently over 1,100 communities across the county using this system including New London, City of Menasha, Appleton, Little Chute, and De Pere.

What will ACTIVE Net do for our department?

We estimate that we have well over 5,000 program registrations and facility reservations per year. These registrations and reservations are currently input manually into a staff built database that allows us to generate needed reports. Manually inputting this information is time consuming and allows for human errors and inconsistencies that may result in double facility books and insufficient communication with program participants. Our users will still have the ability to register for a program or reserve a facility in person at the Recreation Center. We do love seeing our customers on a day to day basis but for the convenience of those same customers we will be encouraging everyone to setup an online account. The City of New London implemented ACTIVE Net about 5 years ago and had 93% of their activity registrations taken through a user account within the first two years.

Customers will enjoy the convenience of registering for any program or reserving any facility from their home, office, or anywhere a computer or mobile device is available. Coaches and instructors will be able to reserve their facility for practice or games at the click of a button as well as see up to date availability for their facility of interest. These are just a few of the processes that will be improved from a user standpoint.

Activenet will be open and available to the public by March 7th of 2016. (NEW:The fees are the same whether you sign up in the office or online) All users will be able to create an account and complete registrations, reservations and transactions at:


If you have any questions regarding ACTIVE Net there is a FAQ link at the bottom of the home page. You can also feel free to give the Rec Center a call at 258-4435 and our staff will help you through the process.

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