River Ridge Map with inserts – 2021 March

There has been a change in the Oz trail please see the new maps: Oz Natural Area 2015 Map

River Ridge Trail Maintenance and Development Endowment Fund

The Friends of the City of Waupaca Parks was formed in 2012 and the River Ridge Trail has been incorporated within it.  The Friends Group has assumed the responsibility for the oversight and guidance of the trail system. Over the last 20 years, the Waupaca River Ridge Trail has grown into a 26+ mile, beautiful, mature trail system winding its way through and around the entire Waupaca area.

To ensure that the RRT continues to serve our community, a fundraising campaign was initiated to establish the River Ridge Trail Maintenance and Development Endowment Fund within the Waupaca Area Community Foundation.  The goal is to ensure that a long term funding mechanism for ongoing maintenance (approximately $4,500 per year) and future development of the River Ridge Trail is in place. Each year up to 5% of the fund balance can be distributed to the City of Waupaca Parks & Recreation Department to fund summer trail maintenance needs.  The remaining fund assets stay invested for future growth. Over the long term, the endowment fund would ensure that money is available for both growing maintenance needs and new trail development.

Our goal was to raise $20,012 in 2012.  Through generous donations from local businesses, individuals and the Walk for Wellness held at Swan Park, we have received donations of approximately $20,500.

You can help us reach our goal and assure the ongoing existence of a quality trail system in the Waupaca area, by making a donation, payable to:

CFFVR/River Ridge Trail Fund
P.O. Box 563
Appleton, WI  54912

Remember, your River Ridge Trail is open all year! There are always new and exciting things and people to meet on the trails, so enjoy the trail all year long.

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