ou are invited to participate in an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code. Public meeting dates will be posted to the website and shared via social media.

Project Overview

The City of Waupaca’s existing Comprehensive Plan was adopted in October 2007, as is now out of date. State law requires communities such as Waupaca, which administer zoning ordinances and other land use controls, to update their Comprehensive Plan at least every 10 years. Updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan concurrently with a Zoning Code Update provides a unique opportunity to think holistically and long-term about the community’s future, while also taking concrete actionable steps to achieve that vision through the modification of existing ordinances. City staff will lead the Comprehensive Plan update and a consultant will lead the Zoning Code update. The City’s Community Development Department will manage and provide oversight for both projects.

Project Approach

  • The overall approach is to first educate and engage the community in a well-informed discussion of the future of Waupaca, including identification of key issues and opportunities on the short and long-term horizons. Secondly, we will work with Plan Commission to identify relevant goals and objectives to frame the Comprehensive Plan. Finally, we will prepare the Plan itself, with a focus on 5-year action items to guide implementation.

Public Input

Below is the timeline for updates to the City of Waupaca Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code. If you would like to provide any comments please email publicinput@cityofwaupaca.org. If you provide your name, address of residence, and phone or email, Aaron Jenson, City Administrator will read your input at one or more of the public hearings or meetings listed below. In addition, you may request a link to provide your input virtually at the public hearing or upcoming Plan Commission meeting. To do this please email Sandy Stiebs, City Clerk, at sstiebs@cityofwaupaca.org

Project Timeline

Current Comprehensive Plan Timeline:


March 2nd City Council:                 Public Hearing and 1st Reading

March 3rd Plan Commission:        General discussion

March 16th City Council:               2nd Reading and Possible Adoption


Current Zoning Code Timeline:


***Phase 2 Changes***

Mar 3rd Plan Commission:          Staff will re-present phase 2 changes with input

Apr 7th City Council:                    Public Hearing and 1st Reading

Apr 20th City Council:                  2nd Reading and Possible Adoption

Comprehensive Plan Update

Zoning Code

Community Survey Results – February 2020

January 6, 2020 session

Keep Informed

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