The City of Waupaca is planning to provide garbage and recycling pickup starting in January 2022.  The city will be working with Graichen Disposal & Recycling to provide weekly garbage and bi-monthly recycling pickups.

Here are the details regarding the garbage and recycling collection program as presented to Waupaca City Council in September 2021.  Garbage and Recycling Memo to City Council

What are the details?

  1. Each single-family resident will be provided the service.
  2. Multi residential up to 4 units will be provided the service.
  3. Garbage pickup will occur weekly, recycling pickup every-other week.
  4. 96 gallon tote for each garbage and recycling will be provided.
  5. The monthly service cost will be included on water/sewer bills.

Who do I contact with billing questions?
Please contact the city utility billing clerk, 715.258.4422

Who do I contact with service questions?
Please contact Graichen Disposal and Recycling at 920.982.4116

What should I do if my garbage does not fit in my cart?
All garbage must fit inside the cart with the lid closed. If you have more garbage than what will fit, you should:

>Save it for your next collection day.
>Contact the office to make arrangements for extra pick-up or for an extra car at 920-982-4116.
>If you would like a dumpster to accommodate larger amounts of trash, please call the office.

How do I set my cart out on collection day?
Place your cart curbside before 6am on your day of collection, with the carts handle facing your house and the lid opening toward the street. Make sure to place carts at least four feet other objects, such as a parked car or mailbox. NOTE: If you cart is out late, you must wait until your next scheduled pick-up.

What if there is a snowbank?
In the case of snow, if your cart will not fit in your driveway opening, then you will need to clear an opening in the snowbank where the cart can be properly placed. Carts cannot be placed on top of the snow bank or in the road. Improperly placed carts will not be collected.

What if my cart is damaged or needs repair?
If your cart is damaged or in need of repair as a result of normal wear and tear (e.g. broken lid, wheel, cracked cart, etc.), contact Graichen Disposal & Recycling at 920-982-4116.

Can I take my cart with me if I move?
NO. Carts are property of Graichen Disposal and Recycling, LLC. Each cart is numbered and registered to the address where it was delivered. If you move, you need to contact Graichen Disposal & Recycling at 920-982-4116.

What are my other options for disposal of items not covered by the weekly collection program?
Both the Waupaca Regional Recycling and Compost Center and Waupaca County PTF offer options to recycling and dispose of non-standard and extra items. Learn more on this webpage.

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