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Preventing wildfires!

Fast facts about Wildfires

Every year, thousands of wildfires in Wisconsin are started as a result of careless use of fire in the outdoors. Since 98 percent of these fires are caused by humans, wildfire prevention aims to teach people about the dangers of accidentally igniting fires, with the expectation that safe burning practices will lead to fewer wildfires. This is important because a wildfire in the wrong place can destroy homes and alter the landscape causing stress on wildlife and ruining the aesthetic beauty of our forests. Preventing wildfires also reduces the cost of firefighting efforts and economic losses associated with property damage, timber loss and large-scale evacuations.

Burning Restrictions and Fire Activity
  • Click Here for current fire danger and burning permit restrictions.

Get a burning permit 

Obtain a free burning permit online or call 1-888-WIS-BURN (947-2876). You can also visit an emergency fire warden or DNR office to get a permit in-person.

Additional resources

For more information about burning, check out the resources below.


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