Items that go unclaimed for 90 days or more, may become available for auction, be destroyed or be claimed by founding party.  If you believe any of the following items may belong to you, please contact the Waupaca Police Department, with an in-depth description during office hours.

(Lost & Found List updated monthly)

Office Hours:     Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

General Phone:  (715) 258-4400

Located at:         124 S. Washington St

Waupaca, WI  54981

Click on the heading below to see items in each category.

Lost & Found


(Information needed to claim: Model; Serial Number; Bike Gender; Speed; etc.)

Found, as of:

  • 9/14/20 Girls bike found on Royalton St.
  • 9/23/20 Timberline Mountain Bike
  • 10/13/20 Jazzi Girls Bike
  • 10/20/20 Huffy Bike
  • 8/20/21 Mountain Bike on Royalton St.

Lost, as of:


(Information Needed to Claim Item: Model; Serial Number; Description; etc.)

Found, as of:


Lost as of:

  • 5/4/21 Cellphone at Piggly Wiggly



(Information needed to claim: Type; Description; Unique Identifiers; etc.)

Found as of:

Lost as of:

  • 4/22/21 Gold ring


(Information needed to identify: Model; Serial Number; Make; Color(s); Size; etc.)

Found as of:

  • 1/28/20 Vehicle key found at Rec Center
  • 4/21/20 Glasses with case found on Badger St.
  • 7/4/20 Glasses found on Fulton St.
  • 7/26/20 Scale, cups, lighter fluid, shirt, gloves, bags, & tweezers found on 7th St.
  • 9/23/20 Ring containing 14 keys
  • 10/30/20 Purse, backpack & jacket found on Main St.
  • 11/28/20 Challenge coin found on Riverside Dr.
  • 12/5/20 Picture, books, doll, snow globe found at South Park
  • 4/13/21 Adapter on Main St/Union St.
  • 7/2/21 Debit Card on W Fulton St.



Lost as of:

  • 4/17/21 Green bi-fold wallet
  • 4/26/21 Grey tote found off US 10 off ramp
  • 5/01/21 Wallet at Brainard Bridge Park
  • 6/01/21 Wallet at Simpsons
  • 7/27/21 Key on Hwy 10/W. Fulton St.
  • 8/24/21 Keys and fob at Pick N Save
  • 8/20/21 Drivers License & documents on Washington/Session St.
  • 8/25/21 Wallet on south Main St.


(Information needed to identify: Amount; Type; etc.)

Found as of:

  • Nothing at this time.


(Information needed to identify: Model; Serial Number; Description, etc.)

Found as of:


  • 12/13/20 Milwaukee drill case
  • 11/06/21 Hyper Tough/Performax Tools/ Misc. Auto Parts


(Information needed to identify: Type; Model; Serial Number; Description, etc.)


Found as of:

  • Nothing found at this time.


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