More than 4,000 Americans die each year in fires and more than 25,000 are injured.  The following life-saving tips could make a big difference to your family.

Have an Escape Plan  Prepare and practice an Escape plan (outside link) from your home.  Make sure the whole family knows the plan.

  • Make sure everyone in your family knows two routes to escape from each room.
  • Buy a collapsible ladder for escape from upper story windows.
  • Keep the Fire Department’s number by your phone – Call 911 in case of an emergency.  Call 715-258-4434 for non-emergencies.
  • Keep a flashlight by your bed.
  • Practice feeling your way out of the house with your eyes closed.
  • Never open doors that are hot to the touch.
  • Stay low in smoke.
  • Teach your family to stop, drop to the ground, and roll if their clothes catch fire.
  • Designate a meeting place outside.
  • Remember to escape first, then notify the Fire Department.
  • If you have questions about smoke alarms, escape plans, or any other safety issue, call the Fire Department at 715-258-4434.

Click here to view video on Escape Plan

Fire Escape Drills

  • Plan and practice a fire escape route from every room. Always have Two ways out.
  • Practice using a fire escape ladder to exit upper levels.
  • Teach children not to hide from, or be afraid of firefighters.
  • Identify a Special Meeting Place outside for everyone to meet in case of fire.
  • Know how to call for emergency assistance. (Neighbors House) Remember 911

Using Your Escape Plan

  • Crawl low, on your hands and knees, under the smoke.
  • Feel closed doors with the back of your hand. If hot, use another exit.
  • If not hot, open door slowly and check for smoke and fire.

Never go back inside once you’re out of the house!

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