Broadband Business Plus

  • Customized speed available. Upload speed will match your download speed. We currently have customers utilizing us for 25Mbps service.
  • Choose the speed you need in 1Mbps increments; only pay for what you need
  • Unlimited internet access – no data limits
  • One static IP address included with additional available for a small fee
  • Direct connection to Waupaca Online’s backhaul network. Your broadband business plus connection does not share a connection with our residential & standard business customers.
  • Operates in a higher band allowing us to isolate our system from standard interference.
  • Minimum commitment of 10Mbps bandwidth to receive this service.

The Waupaca Online Advantage

  • No term agreement
  • Local support and service – no charge service calls
  • Lifetime equipment insurance and replacement if needed for better connection
  • 15 day free trial period
  • Our internet backbone comes over fiber from a national provider

Broadband Business Plus Pricing

Monthly Service Fee: $40.00  (Includes connection, equipment insurance, 3Mbps of bandwidth and one Static IP Addresses)

Additional Bandwidth is $3.00/month, per 1Mbps increment.

Additional Static IP Addresses $10.00/month/each

Example: 15Mbps x 15Mbps Connection

$40.00 + $36.00 (12 Additional Mbps) = $76.00/month

Setup & Connection Fee for all connections covers equipment and installation.
$95 paid on the first bill

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