Features of Small Business Service

  • Numerous bandwidth tiers to pick from.  We can closely match to your usage to not overpay for internet. 
  • Ethernet attachment to your computer or router.  You can use your own router or we offer routers for sale.
  • Professional Installation
  • Unlimited Internet Access (No data limits or content restrictions).  We never slow down your connection or charge overage fees.
  • True internet IP address, one static available at no extra charge upon request
  • Fast upload speeds.
  • Have higher demand or enterprise needs? Learn more about Platinum Internet.

Call us at (715) 942-9919 for more information or to find out if service is available at your location.

What Service area am I in?

*In-City Business: Any residential customers located within Waupaca city limits
*Rural Business: Any residential customer located outside Waupaca city limits but within Waupaca Online’s original service area (typically the towns of Lind, Dayton, Farmington and Waupaca)
*Extended Area Business: Any residential customer located outside the “rural business” area detailed above.


Speed LevelCity of Waupaca BusinessWaupaca Area Rural BusinessExtended Business
5Mbps Download
3Mbps Upload
10Mbps Download
4Mbps Upload
25Mbps Download*
5Mbps Upload
Installation/Connection Fee:
Interest Rate on Unpaid Bills:
*If 25Mbps is not achievable at your location we will provide the maximum achievable speed.

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