Waupaca Online does not publish a coverage map due to the various factors that go into setting up an internet connection.  We have many customers who are miles away from our towers with good success.  Good “line of sight” to one of our towers, trees, hills, distance and height all play a major factor in establishing a successful internet connection.  Below is a list of general areas we can provide service into.  Please call us regardless of the information below.  Since there are many factors that go into a connection we want to make sure we can provide an individualized answer to any potential customers.  Our number is 715.942.9919.

City of Waupaca – we have multiple tower locations within the city.  We specialize in service to the East Gate subdivision, Business Park, Hill Street Area, Downtown and Swan Ridge.  Please call us for more details if we can serve your residence.

City of Weyauwega – we are located on the water tower near the industrial park.  We put a good signal into much of the city and surrounding rural areas.

Town of Lind – Due to the flat nature of much of the town of Lind we are able to provide good general coverage.  We have several access points along County Road A, County Road EE and Christmas Tree Lane.

Town of Dayton – Customers near the Stratton Lake Road area, along Highway 22 and central portions of Dayton have good success with Waupaca Online.

Town of Farmington – Coverage available South West of the town hall (Tomahawk Trail, Golke Rd, etc.), near the River Road subdivision and surrounding areas and Sheridan.

Town of Waupaca – Waupaca Online has several towers in the Town of Waupaca providing good general coverage.  Connections are limited on a per customer basis depending on situation.  Some of the heavily wooded areas in Waupaca are limited.

Town of DuPont – We have a couple access points in DuPont.  Please call and we can check into service availability at your location.

Town of Larrabee – We have Access Points in the South West and North East portion of Larrabee.

Town of Bear Creek  – We have Access Points near the Bear Creek Town Hall and north of the Village of Bear Creek.

Town of Deer Creek – We have a number of access points across the town of Deer Creek with good general coverage outside of the Village of Bear Creek.

Broadband Business Plus General Availability: Downtown Waupaca; Industrial Park and West Fulton Street Corridor

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