Waupaca Online Customer Credit Guidelines

Waupaca Online will typically only offer a customer credit for service when the issue is caused by a fault of Waupaca Online or equipment provided by Waupaca Online.  Credit would be available for a period from a documented start date of a problem until the day the issue is resolved.

Credit Period

Credit will be available between a period of time in which it can be documented that the issue started until the day it is resolved.  The start date of an issue will be considered either the date the customer notified Waupaca Online of an issue (via phone, e-mail to info@waupacaonline.net or voicemail) or as documented by our network monitoring system, whichever date is first.  Note: not all types of issues can be verified by the network monitoring system.  It is highly suggested that customers contact Waupaca Online support ASAP to report a problem.

Typical Reasons for Requesting a Credit

Note: Waupaca Online provides all customers an antenna/radio unit and power injector to receive internet service.  Issues beyond the power injector are considered internal to the customer and will not be considered for credit if service to the antenna/radio unit and power injector are in good working order.  Waupaca Online may sell routers and Wi-Fi units to customers.  While Waupaca Online is happy to sell these units as a convenience to our customers and is willing to help configure networking equipment whether purchased from us or another source; if internet service is working properly at the point of the power injector connected to our antenna/radio no credit will be available.

  • No internet service for 24+ hours at an individual location
  • Degraded internet service (5% ping loss within a 24 hour period or 100ms+ average ping response time) – Tests by Waupaca Online tech support will confirm this
  • System Outage lasting beyond 24 hours
  • Power Outage lasting beyond 48 hours at a Waupaca Online Point of Presence location. Individual power outage at a customer location will not count for credit.
  • Customer Service Miscommunication/temporary Work Site Safety Issues (eg. Missed or rescheduled appointment; unsafe working environment delaying a fix such as snow on metal roof or ice on tower)

Credit Amounts

Typically a bill will be reduced by a percentage for a documented period of time for an issue.  These percentages will represent the various degree of an issue:

  • 100% credit when an internet outage is Waupaca Online’s responsibility (System Outage, Customer Premise Equipment Malfunction; cabling failure; power outage 48+ hours at a POP)
  • 50% credit when lack of access to customer location prevents Waupaca Online staff from fixing a problem (unsafe working environment; unable to access a location with our equipment)
  • 25% credit when service is degraded but still usable

Requesting a Credit

Waupaca Online staff will request a credit on behalf of a customer when they feel a situation warrants a credit.  Customers wishing to request a credit on their own behalf should contact Waupaca Online Tech Support and request a credit request form.  All credit requests must be received within 30 days of service being restored to normal working order.  A credit request does not guarantee credit will be issued; all results are reviewed by management.

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