Strength in Numbers

Waupaca Online Customer Referral Program

If you enjoy the service you get from Waupaca Online, refer a friend, neighbor or family member to sign up for service.  Waupaca Online is your hometown wireless internet provider specializing in providing internet into areas where other providers do not reach.

For every referral that turn into a new customer* we’ll give you a $50 bill credit.  No limit on the number of customers you can refer and credits earned!

  • The referrals that turn into customers = more bill credits for you!
  • The more customers Waupaca Online has = more resources to continue to expand and upgrade service.
  • The more Waupaca Online upgrades service = faster speeds available to you!

How to refer a customer:

  • Talk to the potential customer, contact Waupaca Online with their name and phone number and we’ll contact them
  • Have the potential customer contact Waupaca Online and provide your name and address and we’ll credit you

*To count as a referral, a new customer must have paid their setup fee before credit will be applied to your bill.

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