Waupaca Online is proud to offer our Essentials and Essentials Plus plans for qualifying households to ensure internet access is affordable for everyone. Those households wanting to find out if they are eligible can fill out the form below. If your household size combined with total household income falls into the “below” column we are able to add you to the below plans.

Here are some specifics about the essentials program:

The program is open to new customers only.  A new customer is defined as someone who was not a Waupaca Online customer within the past 90 days.

When requesting to join the essentials program and once your eligibility is verified you are set for the first two years. After that you must reverify your eligibility annually. If you fail to reverify or are no longer eligible you will move to our standard pricing tier.

Waupaca Online reserves the right to end this program, change eligibility requirements or require additional verification at any time.

Plans & Pricing

Speed Level Monthly Rate  


5Mbps Download 3Mbps Upload

$35.00 This plan is good for a basic household of 1-3 persons, in which you might stream one video service at a time and do basic web surfing.

Essentials Plus:

10Mbps Download
4Mbps Upload

$50.00 This plan is good for a family of 3-5 in which you might stream 2 video services at a time and may also perform work/school from home.
Installation/Connection Fee:
Interest Rate on Unpaid Bills:

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