Expansion Project

Waupaca Online is entering a project to expand service to select rural areas in Waupaca County to fill an internet void.  This project is funded between a State of Wisconsin Broadband Expansion grant and Waupaca Online funding.  The project will run from fall 2017 – spring 2019 to complete, if all work goes as scheduled.  The below map shows a generalized area we plan to serve upon completion of this project.

As of June 2018 we are now providing service into the towns of Bear Creek, Larrabee and DuPont.  Call us at 715.942.9919 to see if we can service your location!

Please read the following notes to better understand this map:

  • The map shows a very generalized area in which we plan to serve.  Fixed wireless internet provided by Waupaca Online depends on line of sight from a customers location to an operating tower.  It is possible to be well outside one of the circles on the below map and able to receive service, on the other hand you can be within one of the circles on the map and unable to receive service from us.
  • Fixed wireless internet degrades rapidly when trees, hills and other terrain issues are present, good line of sight is necessary to receive a signal.  The project area below focuses on areas in Waupaca County where we can excel having favorable terrain.
  • This project will be driven by residents and businesses in or near the project area.  Below we have a survey you can fill out.  Depending on interest and demand, focus areas of this project can and will change if strong demand from certain areas becomes prevalent.  Even if you are unsure if you will be able to receive our service as part of this project, please still fill out the survey.  

Interested, let us know.

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Project Area Map

Circles on this map are very approximate.  There are areas within the circle in which we might not be able to service and areas outside of the circles that can be serviced.

Yellow – As of June 2018 locations that are setup or in process of being setup.

Red – Future target areas.  Not exact locations.

Even if you are located outside one of the circles on the map we still might be able to service your location.  Please let us know so we can guide this project to where there is internet need!

Are you interested?  Fill out a short interest survey and we’ll keep you in the loop as the project moves forward.