How can I get support as quickly as possible?

Waupaca Online staff is scheduled Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm. While we are not always in the office we check voicemail and e-mail constantly throughout the day.

When calling, if you do not reach someone, please leave your name, the best phone number to reach you between 8am-5pm, and a description of your problem.

Our biggest challenge in offering the best customer support possible is not having a phone number to contact you back during the day.

Please contact us right away when you experience an issue. Do not wait a couple of days or a week.

While we are not staffed 24/7, our network offers full monitoring around the clock. If we are notified of a system outage we will work to get this resolved as soon as possible no matter the hour or day.

My internet is not working or is very slow…

If for some reason you lose your connection to WaupacaOnline, please try the following troubleshooting techniques.

  • Reboot your computer. We always recommend that you do this as carefully as possible. Windows users should do a Start-Shutdown-Restart. Shutting power off or pushing the reset button while Windows is still up is not a recommended or safe procedure.
  • If rebooting your computer does not work then try to power cycle your antenna. This can be done by disconnecting the power cord from the DC Injector. The DC injector is located either about 1 foot from the end of the cable that is connected to the WAN port of your router or the Ethernet port on your computer. The power cord is a black cord that is plugged into the top of the injector, it is not the cord that has a phone-like jack. Wait 5 seconds and plug it back in. Wait another 10 seconds and try the internet again.
  • Power Cycle your router.
  • If this does not correct your problem, please call us at 715-942-9919.

If your internet is slow.  Check if there are other users in your house/business using the connection at the same time.  Are they doing a bandwidth intensive activity?

Why do you charge a setup/connection fee?

The setup/connection fee helps us to recoup some of the costs of adding a new customer.  The cost of staff time, supplies and equipment to complete an installation and the behind the scenes work our billing department and network engineer do for each new customer come at a cost.  Your setup fee is payable on the first bill.

Does Waupaca Online support video streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix?

Waupaca Online does not officially support these services on our network but most customers have success with these services.

Many times setting these services to stream in “standard definition” works best on fixed wireless internet especially if you have multiple people in your household streaming at the same time.

Is the service available for corporate accounts?

Our service is ideal for corporate accounts. We offer dedicated Internet access at a fraction of the cost of most dedicated ISP’s. We also offer a low cost solution for connecting branch offices, “work from home” employees and traveling employees.  Check out our broadband business plus internet offering for your business.

How reliable is wireless?

This equipment is very reliable. Broken telephone poles, car crashes, floods or utility workers won’t affect your connection. This wireless networking equipment was developed and used as a low power, high security, high frequency, military communications, and has been commercialized and legalized by Silicon Valley companies. The technology has its own standards just like your modem.

Is the service affected by weather conditions?

No. Unlike some other wireless products that operate in bands that ARE affected by weather, the WAUPACAONLINE.NET Wireless service is unaffected by rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog or atmospheric conditions of any kind, and all of the antenna options are rated for wind loads in excess of 100 mph.

What is the range of the service?

The range of the service will vary depending upon the geographical region. Most towers will have a range from 3-7 miles in radius for remote users. We currently have customers as far as 9.5 miles away but they have installed their own towers to get the height needed. The towers will be able to connect to each other at distances up to 22 miles in some regions.

What speeds are available?

Customized speed is available to each customer starting at 3Mbps with increases in 1Mbps increments available thereafter.  Waupaca Online will provide up to the maximum speed to a customer based on initial signal and speed tests.  This maximum speed varies by customer based on distance, height, obstructions, etc.

Typically we can offer many residential customers speeds up to 12Mbps and business customers up to 25Mbps.  In ideal situations more might be possible, in fringe situations it might be less.

How quickly can you get me connected?

A wireless connection can typically be established within 5-7 business days after order. The single greatest reason an installation may take longer is if gaining permission to, and installing the antenna on the roof of the property is required.  Inclement weather is another concern that may delay installation.

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