Waupaca Online has three different pricing tiers:

*In-City Residential: Any residential customers located within Waupaca city limits

*Rural Residential: Any residential customer located outside Waupaca city limits but within Waupaca Online’s original service area (typically the towns of Lind, Dayton, Farmington and Waupaca)

*Extended Area Residential: Any residential customer located outside the “rural residential” area detailed above.


Fees differ based on distance from our core network located in the City of Waupaca.  The further you are, the higher our cost to service you as a customer.  Further distance means your signal travels through more tower locations.  This means more equipment for us to maintain and tower agreements to fulfill.  Travel distance and staff time are increased when we need to service you or these distant tower locations.  Our pricing has been well thought out and we feel comparable to other providers, to give you maximum value while covering our hard costs to provide service.

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