Waupaca Online has different pricing structures for City of Waupaca residents, rural area (towns surrounding the City of Waupaca) and extended rural (areas further away from Waupaca).  Waupaca Online is based in the city of Waupaca and the further a customer is from us, there is an increase in cost.  Nearby customers are connected to our core infrastructure where as further out customers are connected through multiple tower sites.  Each of these sites have a cost (lease agreements, equipment maintenance, etc).  The further away a customer is the more equipment your internet connection passes through to reach you.  Also the further a customer is located increases staff time for travel, gas for our vehicles and increase of wear and tear on our vehicles for installations, site visits for troubleshooting and maintenance at tower sites.  We’ve worked hard to have well thought out and reasonable pricing and do regular comparisons to other area internet providers to ensure our value is fair regardless your distance from our core network.

In-City Pricing – Any customers located within Waupaca City Limits

Rural Area – Any customer located in the towns of Waupaca, Dayton, Lind, Farmington, Royalton and Weyauwega) or immediately bordering these areas.

Extended Rural – Any customers not located in the two above described areas.

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