Features of Standard Residential Service

  • Numerous bandwidth tiers to pick from.  We can closely match to your usage to not overpay for internet. 
  • Ethernet attachment to your computer or router.  You can use your own router or we offer routers for sale.
  • Professional Installation
  • Unlimited Internet Access (No data limits or content restrictions).  We never slow down your connection or charge overage fees.
  • True internet IP address, one static available at no extra charge upon request
  • Fast upload speeds.

Call us at (715) 942-9919 for more information or to find out if service is available at your location.

What Service area am I in?

*In-City Residential: Any residential customers located within Waupaca city limits
*Rural Residential: Any residential customer located outside Waupaca city limits but within Waupaca Online’s original service area (typically the towns of Lind, Dayton, Farmington and Waupaca)
*Extended Area Residential: Any residential customer located outside the “rural residential” area detailed above.


  • Learn more about our “Essentials” plan for qualifying households.  Waupaca Online is working to keep internet affordable for everyone.
Speed LevelCity of Waupaca ResidentialWaupaca Area Rural Residential Extended Residential
5Mbps Download
3Mbps Upload
10Mbps Download
4Mbps Upload
25Mbps Download*
5Mbps Upload
Installation/Connection Fee:
Interest Rate on Unpaid Bills:
*If 25Mbps is not achievable at your location we will offer the maximum achievable speed.

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