Waupaca Online recognizes the needs of our customers to stop service for various reasons such as seasonal customers, those who leave the area for a few months, a business that might only be open a portion of the year, etc. Waupaca Online has set this policy in place to meet a balance of flexibility to our customers and toward the administration and cost of running our system.

Customers are afforded the opportunity to request one service stoppage per year.

Eligibility to Request a Service Stoppage:

  • Must have been a customer for a minimum of one year
  • Must have account fully paid
  • Must give thirty days’ notice

Service Stoppage Requirements

  • Waupaca Online will grant a service stoppage of a minimum of three months but not exceeding six months per year.
  • A reconnection fee will be required when service is restored. This reconnection fee will be half of what our current up-front setup fee is. This is set to help recoup the administrative cost of restoring service and billing and to help cover the investment in customer equipment. This reconnection fee assumes that the customer does not request Waupaca Online staff to remove any equipment during the stoppage period.

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