Program Schedule

3am—What’s Happening Waupaca Segment
3:30am—Waupaca Biz Buzz Segment
11am—What’s Happening Waupaca Segment
11:30am—Waupaca Biz Buzz Segment
5pm—What’s Happening Waupaca Segment
5:30pm—Waupaca Biz Buzz Segment
11pm—What’s Happening Waupaca Segment
11:30pm—Waupaca Biz Buzz Segment

12am—First Tuesday City Council Meeting
4am-Morning Polka Show
6am-Local Specials
9am-Discover Wisconsin
9:30am-Lunch & Learn
12pm-Special Meeting
3pm-Lights Camera Polka
3:30pm-Caring for You
6pm-County Board Meeting
9pm-Remember When
9:30pm-Budgeting 101

12am—Third Tuesday City Council Meeting
4am-Morning Polka Show
6am-First Tuesday City Council Meeting
9am-Into the Outdoors
9:30am-Winchester Academy
12pm-Local Specials
3pm-Discover Wisconsin
3:30pm-Lunch & Learn
6pm-Live Meetings/Specials
9pm-Remember When
9:30pm-Caring for You

12am—County Board Meeting
4am-Morning Polka Show
6am-Third Tuesday City Council Meeting
9:30am-Winchester Archive
12pm-First Tuesday City Council Meeting
3pm-Into the Outdoors
3:30pm-Winchester Academy
6pm-School Board Meeting
9pm-Discover Wisconsin
9:30pm-Lunch & Learn

12am—School Board Meeting
4am-Morning Polka Show
6am-County Board Meeting
9am-Remember When
9:30am-Third Thursday
12pm-Third Tuesday City Council Meeting
3:30pm-Winchester Archive
6pm-First Tuesday City Council Meeting
9pm-Into the Outdoors
9:30pm-Winchester Academy

12am—Special Meeting
4am-Morning Polka Show
6am-School Board Meeting
9am-Remember When
9:30am-Budgeting 101
12pm-County Board Meeting
3pm-Remember When
3:30pm-Third Thursday
6pm-Third Tuesday City Council Meeting
10pm-Saturday Night Fright Special

12am—City Council 3rd Tuesday
4am-Morning Polka Show
6am-Special Meeting
9am-Lights Camera Polka
9:30am-Caring for You
12pm-School Board Meeting
3pm-Remember When
3:30pm-Budgeting 101
7pm-Saturday Night Fright Special
9pm-Lights Camera Polka
9:30pm-Winchester Archive

12am—First Tuesday City Council Meeting
1pm-Lights Camera Polka
2pm-Classic Movie
6pm-Remember When
6:30pm-Remember When
7pm-Classic Movie
9pm-Lights Camera Polka
9:30pm-Third Thursday

Here are a few things to note about the Win-TV Program Schedule:

•Not all programs fit the scheduled time.  If a program or meeting runs shorter than the scheduled time, Win-TV Community Calendar will air until the following program starts.

•Times marked “Local Programming Special” will feature whatever our currently produced program is or any special community/government meetings.

•The following meetings will pre-empt the schedule above:

◦Waupaca Common Council – 1st Tuesday of the Month at 6:00pm

◦Waupaca Common Council – 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 6:00pm