Manufacturing Month in Waupaca

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A Proclamation Recognizing October 2013 as Manufacturing Month

in the City of Waupaca

Whereas, manufacturers are the backbone of Wisconsin’s economy, employing nearly 450,000 Wisconsinites and contributing nearly $50 billion to Wisconsin’s economic growth; and

Whereas,manufacturing is a key driver of the Waupaca County and Waupaca area economy; comprising 35% of all county wages paid and 24% of all employed people county wide, and

Whereas, the average wage of a manufacturing job within Waupaca County is $48,500 which is almost $12,000 higher than the next highest paid sector, construction; and

Whereas,manufacturing in Wisconsin, our county and area has moved rapidly into the 21st century, developing cutting edge technologies that keep Wisconsin businesses at the forefront of innovation; and

Whereas, Wisconsin’s workforce, including those in Wisconsin’s first-in-the-nation apprenticeship program, continues to provide outstanding talent in many specialized and highly technical fields; and

Whereas, the State of Wisconsin is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that Wisconsin manufacturers and workers can access the resources needed to thrive, including significant investments to support workforce and economic development efforts; and

Whereas, it is the City of Waupaca’s intent and goal to access the resources referenced above to assist our area manufacturers in their continued goal of growing their businesses and creating private-sector jobs;

Now, Therefore, I Brian Smith, Mayor of the City of Waupaca, in conjunction with the State of Wisconsin’s observance, do hereby proclaim October 2013, as MANUFACTURING MONTH throughout the City of Waupaca and I comment this observance to all of our citizens.

Done at the City of Waupaca this 1st day of October 2013.

Brian Smith, Mayor


Frac-Sand Sandstone Prospects in Waupaca County

Dr. Terrence Gerlach, a retired geologist from the U.S. Geological Survey, presents a program detailing the extent of sandstone formations in Waupaca County and the potential for where future mining might occur.

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