Forest Insect & Disease Issues in Central Wisconsin

Winchester Academy: Linda Williams Forest Health Specialist for the Wisconsin DNR with degrees in Forestry and Entomology from Michigan State University. An 18 year veteran with the Wisconsin DNR, Williams will talk about forest insects and diseases that were seen in 2017, and what to expect in 2018. Some of the issues include emerald ash borer (first identified in Waupaca County in 2017), oak wilt, problems seen with white oak in 2017, how the wet weather impacted trees, and other forest health issues.

Winchester Academy: Courtesy, a Brief History or, What`s the Matter with Kids Today?

Courtesy, a Brief History or, What`s the Matter with Kids Today?
Douglas Northrop – Retired Professor of English & Cultural Studies
March 26 6:30 p.m. Waupaca Public Library

Douglas Northrop – Retired Professor of English & Cultural Studies at Ripon College. His scholarly interests started with English Renaissance literature, specifically Spenser`s poem, The Faerie Queene, becoming intrigued by Book Six, the Book of Courtesy. That study of courtesy led to an examination of courtesy manuals and courtesy novels of the18th century, and into modern times, touching on Jane Austen, Dickens, Virginia Wolff and Oscar Wilde. He explores what courtesy has meant historically and what changes in gender roles, class structure, and economic circumstances impact our ideas and practices concerning courteous behavior.

Winchester: Bats Under Attack: Threats to the Wisconsin Bat Population

Bats Under Attack: Threats to the Wisconsin Bat Population Christopher Yahnke – Professor of Biology March 12 6:30 p.m. Waupaca Public Library Christopher Yahnke is a Professor of Biology at UW-Stevens Point, in his 17th year in the Department of Biology. Wisconsin is home to eight species of bats, all of them insect eaters. Some migrate hundreds of miles south for the winter while others hibernate locally, within a hundred miles of their summer feeding area. Each of these bats faces unique perils during this period when we enjoy the lack of insects. In addition to the bats of Wisconsin, he will share research on acoustic monitoring of bats and relate how the public can help our bats through citizen science initiatives.

Winchester Academy: Who are the Hmong – How are they Doing

Mary Cayford & Jim Vang bring the story of Hmong settlement in Central Wisconsin. The Hmong people were recruited by the CIA to assist the Secret Army in Laos. The US commitment was `Whether we win or lose the war, we will take care of the Hmong`. The program introduces the life of Hmong people before the Vietnam war, how they left their homeland, the dangers endured, and gives a glimpse of the difficulty of complying with INS rules when you are not literate in your own language and can`t speak English. Learn about the struggles and successes of the Hmong as they proudly became American citizens and raised successful children, while winning the hearts of Americans who have come to know them. This program is sponsored by our friends at The Waupaca Foundry

Winchester Academy: K9 Contributions to Law Enforcement

Sarah Boespflug a police officer and 2001 graduate of Waupaca HS, is a 10-year veteran of the Madison Police Department. In January 2017, she partnered with K9 Falko, a dual purpose, German Shepherd/ Belgian Malinois mix from the Czech Republic. Officer Boespflug and K9 Falko will explain and demonstrate how and why the use of canines is an incredible investigative tool in law enforcement today. Joan and Gene Wasserberg of Waupaca are the proud grandparents of Sarah, and sponsors of this program.