Waupaca Radio allows community access to the radio station in the following ways and is glad to be a resource to help out different groups in the Waupaca area.

These opportunities are available to community groups, non-profit organizations, schools and government units.  There is no cost for utilizing these services and we encourage you to use them as often as needed.  

What’s Happening in Waupaca – Community Calendar

Have an upcoming event?  No matter how big or how small let Waupaca Radio help get the word out.  Submit your details here or mail a flyer to Waupaca Radio, 111 S. Main Street, Waupaca, WI 54981.  Please submit your details 3-6 weeks before your event or registration deadline for the best exposure.  Every hour Waupaca Radio will broadcast an even rotation of events in our area.

Public Service Announcements

Waupaca Radio produces public service announcements to bring extra attention to a topic, organization or event.  A public service announcement is typically 30 – 90 seconds and is set apart from other messages.  You may use a public service announcement to provide details about an upcoming notable event; we will help each community group/non-profit organization produce one generic public service announcement that is an overview of your group; and public service announcements may be created to provide community education about a particular topic.  Contact Waupaca Radio to setup a time to produce a public service announcement.  Public Service announcements are broadcast in an even rotation on an hourly basis.

The Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association has published a guide to help non-profit groups create a PSA.

What’s Happening Waupaca – Community Conversations

Waupaca Radio is opening our airwaves to community groups and non-profit organizations to have regular recurring segments to keep the community up-to-date about topics relevant to your group.  We encourage all community groups, non-profit organizations and government units to sign up for a regular recurring time slot to record a 1-10 minute “community conversation.”

Waupaca Radio staff is here to guide these segments if desired or you and other members of your group can come in and let your personality shine.  These segments are great to promote an upcoming event, share an educational topic with the community, talk about what your organization does or draw awareness to a need.

Community Conversations are aired on a rotating basis at the top of the hour M-F at 8am and 9am.  Contact Waupaca Radio to get your time slot reserved.

Government & Public Safety Access

Waupaca Radio’s top priority is public safety communication to area residents.  Public Safety is a very broad topic and Waupaca Radio will have air time available to public safety related organizations to provide general education about public safety topics; and in an emergency to inform area residents.  Sign up for a regular recurring time slot to promote public safety information or contact the Waupaca Radio director for information on emergency access to the station.

Waupaca Radio is also here to help area government groups communicate with their citizens.  If you are a part of an official government group and audio record your meetings, Waupaca Radio would be interested in including these in our meeting rotation schedule.  Contact us for details.

Other Programming Possibilities

Waupaca Radio is open to programming suggestions.  If your community group or non-profit organization has regular or special community education opportunities that are open to the public, there may be the possibility of airing these on Waupaca Radio.  Contact us for details.

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